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Digital LED Watches

The Watches are Never out of Trend! Even in the era of Mobile phones where we have handy mobile to check time, Watches are still in craze and trend among all-be it women, men or kids.

This main category of Watches has been sub-categorized into Watches for Women, Watches for Men and watches for Kids.

In view to provide an ease to our shoppers, we have further sub-divided/sub-categorized watches into Digital watches and Analog watches.

Kids Digital LED Watches for Boys and Girls: As per market trends seen for past few months, Kids watches usually come under Digital LED watches.

The trendy colors that attract kids are Pink color for girls, Blue and black for boys and Yellow and green color watches for both. Further, a 3D Cartoon character attached on the strap of watch is high in demand among the kids.

Watches for Women: women like AD diamond studded watches which can be worn in parties and small functions.

While teenager girls love funky watches, girls in the age group of 7-14 like digital and analog both with some cartoons and disco lights.

Watches for Men: Under this category, you can find fashion watches for men with Big dial, Faux leather strap, Bracelet chain and digital sports watch.

Sports watches most inquired by the customers happens to be of Military Green color or Army color watch.

we can also customize Watches as per customer’s requirements and specifications. however, the quantity for the same has to be in bulk as it is done for corporate purpose only.

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